Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christina Hendricks on an Endless Loop The glorious GIF renaissance.

Christina Hendricks on an Endless Loop- The glorious GIF renaissance. By Jonah Weiner 10.2010

Weiner agrees somewhat with the previous writer Thompson discussed that GIFs have distinct functions and get to the point instantaneously and focus on a moment. The difference being that Weiner admits to the GIFs time wasting ability but points out that they waste our time online more efficiently. We discard the rest and focus on the part most important to us.

He also discusses the GIFs ability to relive shared experiences with others already familiar with the content. GIFs have the ability to bring groups closer together. His examples of this are fans of certain TV shows. Twitter also have the ability for GIFs which can add content and colour otherwise unable to fit into the limited character number.

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How To Make Money Off The Animated GIF Comeback

How To Make Money Off The Animated GIF Comeback - By Matt Miller 8/08/2012 

Miller's article on the Forbes website discusses a couple of artists and designers who are currently making a living from making animated GIFs. Firstly Reed+Rader  and Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo both pairs from New York have been making GIFs for the advertising world and big companies. 

Apple has more GIF apps in their store, namely Cinemagram and GIFBoom.
Below is a link to some people using Cinemagram in a creative way.


GIFBoom is a site where people can upload their GIF into different categories.


The Animated GIF: Still Looping After All These Years

The Animated GIF: Still Looping After All These Years - By Clive Thompson 01.03.13
In this Wired article Thompson discusses the Gif's unwillingness to die and the fact the platforms like Tumblr and Twitter has made them even more popular than before. Thompson states that even the Oxford Dictionary chose GIF as its Word of the Year for 2012.
He implies with current technology and the internet that the amount of moving images to look at is quite overwhelming. That is why the GIF stands out as it gives us time to consider and reflect on a single moment. Some other articles on GIFs suggest it is our need to see and consume more but I like Thompson's definition as it relates more to a Buddhist   meditative awareness. It it totally in the moment and captures exactly what is quite fascinating about that moment. 
Thompson says that in a sense, the animated GIF illustrates what sharp viewers we're becoming.
The above statement leads me to my belief that GIFs have the ability to reach the fine art arena. After all are not artists the sharp viewers of society and aesthetics?
I like the idea of making animated GIFs that have a meditative quality to them. Perhaps yoga poses?
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