Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christina Hendricks on an Endless Loop The glorious GIF renaissance.

Christina Hendricks on an Endless Loop- The glorious GIF renaissance. By Jonah Weiner 10.2010

Weiner agrees somewhat with the previous writer Thompson discussed that GIFs have distinct functions and get to the point instantaneously and focus on a moment. The difference being that Weiner admits to the GIFs time wasting ability but points out that they waste our time online more efficiently. We discard the rest and focus on the part most important to us.

He also discusses the GIFs ability to relive shared experiences with others already familiar with the content. GIFs have the ability to bring groups closer together. His examples of this are fans of certain TV shows. Twitter also have the ability for GIFs which can add content and colour otherwise unable to fit into the limited character number.

Taken from Giphy.com True Detective

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